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BMW M2 Competition

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

The BMW M2 Competition is our second custom model. Because it is a brand new vehicle, we understood from the beginning that we need to approach this build from a different angle. Even though there were challenges, but it is also a unique opportunity for us to learn.

We first focused on making changes with parts that we know worked for us. With the help from our racers, technicians and the amazing GTA racing community who familiar with BMW vehicles, we are steadily advancing our abilities to push our M2C even more balanced and faster.

1. Ap Racing Caliper

2. Brake Cooling Kit

3. Nitron Suspension

4. Special Track Alignment

5. Intake System

6. Cooling System

7. Front Lip

8. Rear Wing

9. Spl Parts

10. Carbon Hood & Fender

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