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Toyota GR Supra

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Our motive and interests were heavily influenced by the legendary Smokey Nagata’s take on his Golden V12 Supra . His enthusiasm and ambition has inspired us from expand our capability to eventually forming our own race team. This is why the purple Toyota GR Supra became the desired choice for our very first custom model.

We started from the production state, carefully building it up from the suspension, brake, turbo to the brake cooling system and the aerodynamics. With the assist from our racers, it allowed us to explore and test more options & alternatives outside our comfort zone.

1. Nitron 3 Ways Suspension

2. Special Track Alignment

3. Aero Kit

4. Intake Manifold

5. Intake System

6. Ap Racing Caliper

7. Spl Parts

8. Hardrace Parts

9. Sparco Racing Seat W/ 4 Points Seat Belt

10. Head Lamp Duct

11. Brake Cooling System

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